Alex’s artists books

I have been making artist’s books for many years and regularly take part in the Small Publishers Fair in Conway Hall.

One of my first artist’s books was The Alphabat. I was making an animation featuring a bat puppet and I thought it would be great to have a title sequence with bats flying around and making up the letters of the title. (The film can be seen here: VLADIMIR AND DRAGOPOV on Vimeo) — I never made the title sequence, but made this book instead.






Here are some photos of a book I made with a Japanese binding. The original is made in cross-stitch, I scanned in the original images (front and back) and printed them on an inkjet printer. Each sheet is printed on one side and then folded in half, avoiding the problem of registration when attempting to print on front and back of the same sheet (something my printer wasn’t very good at when fed thicker-than-normal paper).

This is a very small book I printed in letterpress, using black ink on black Somerset paper, in the most illegible Gothic font I could find.

And this is a small concertina book printed with hand-cut rubber stamps.

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