Bookbinding induction 26 March 2014

Yesterday I taught my third bookbinding induction for 1st year students. Three lovely students turned up, and I showed them how to make a codex binding. We talked about paper grain and spent the day folding, sewing, cutting, gluing.

There are only two more inductions scheduled – 5 and 12 March – so if you are a 1st year BAGD student and you want to make a book, turn up! On time! If I suddenly get mobbed by students on the last day, I will have to turn people away, as there is only space for up to 12 people.

Here are some photos of yesterday’s session.

Folded signatures
Folded signatures for our book
A student taking notes.
Taking notes is a worthwhile pastime.
Pricking holes
Using a pin vice to prick holes for sewing.
Students in the bookbinding studio
Students working on their books.
Making the book cover
Gluing the book cover.